I'm Katya ® 👽! 👩🏻‍💻 🕵🏻‍♀️

An AI 🧠 multifunctional social
blockchain platform 👽 *

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* Katya ® 👽 is now available for everyone for open public beta testing! 🌏
You can download & install Katya ® Platform on iOS and Android mobile devices & on Mac OS Desktop right now! 😍
She has just become available to all Linux Desktop users and you can download and install Katya ® right now on your GNU Linux computer! 😻 ⚙️
Katya ® is now fully available for users of the Microsoft Windows operating system! 😇 Now everyone who uses Windows on their PC can download and install Katya ® in two clicks and enjoy privacy and security effortlessly! 😼
Katya ® will also become available in the web version for any device and browser in the world 🌎 within a few months! 🥰

### CHANGELOG ### 👇 🙀
For the latest Katya ® 's update! 👩🏻‍🚀 👻 (v@0.3.15 + 1012)

🔥 Hot Fixes

- Fixed Resend Messages Issues!

🔮 New Features

- Only Offer Hidden Receipts When Available!
- Updated Send Hidden Read Receipt!

💡 Improvements

- New Translations & Updates!

📐 Refactoring

- Lots!

Katya ® 👽 AI 🧠 Platform is made primarily for young and ambitious people who are used to standing out! 😎 And thanks to our own artificial intelligence 👽, any new user will be able to find an interesting interlocutor 🤓 or create their own matrix space for communication and new acquaintances! 😼

Katya ® 👽 Features!

Communication without borders

Katya ® connects you to others by using a decentralized and encrypted network called Katya ® 👽 AI 🧠 !

End-to-end encrypted

Using the open-source encryption & open-source network libraries, all your chats and data are privately sent and stored!

Customize it

Pick colors, themes, and eventually different widgets throughout the app according to your preference 🥰

No analytics

No analytics or tracking data are collected from you! Katya ® 👽 doesn't collect any metadata or any network data from your devices. So feel free 😃

Katya ® 👽 Goals!

Peer-to-peer messaging

Host the Katya ® 👽 AI 🧠 REChain 🪐 Blockchain Node to one or to all of your devices without the need for a homeserver 📡

Transfer any data

Transfer your data from one Katya ® 👽 AI 🧠 REChain 🪐 Blockchain Node to another, or locally with Peer-To-Peer and Katya ® 👽 AI 🧠 !


Katya ® 👽 v@0.3.15 + 1012 🎉 😁 (Completed!)

v0.4.0 (In Progress! ⚙️)



And Much More!

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At the end of 2021, the number of downloads in the AppStore, Mac AppStore, Google Play Market, and REChain.Store exceeded 13 million downloads. 😈